Around Orchha


Globally famous for the valiant queen Rani LaxmiBai and the cultural tourism, Jhansi- the gateway to Bundelkhand is a cherished town of great history and gallantry legends. Besides the imposing 17th century fort of Jhansi, there are many other compelling forts and palace in the city which is just 18 kilometres from the town Orchha.


An ancient little town 52 Km from Orchha and 34 Km from Jhansi, Datia is known for its pilgrimage spots like Sidhapeeth, Buglamukhi Devi Temple, Gopeshwar Temple and Sonagiri, a scared Jain hill. Located next to Datia Lake is a famous seven-storied palace built by Raja Vir Singh Deo, which is one of the finest (example) of Bundela architecture and a visual delight for tourists.


Sonagiri about 65 km from Orchha, has scores of Jain temples dating from the 9th century onwards. It is located in the Datia district of Madhya Pradesh, India. This location is popular among devotees and ascetic saints to practice self-discipline, austerity and to attain Moksha. This place also has a Jain museum.

Garh Kundar

One of the picturesque sites Garh Kundar situated in Tikamgarh is 70 Kms away from Orchha. The place is for those who want to explore the rustic charm of Madhya Pradesh. Large sized courtyards, inscribed pillars found in the fort speak a lot about the rich culture of the fort.